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15 Europer piece.
  • **incl. designed package**
  • **shipping costs Austria up to 4 pieces 4 EUR**
  • **shipping costs European Union up to 4 pieces 4 EUR**
  • **shipping time Austria apx. 7 days**
  • **shipping time European Union apx. 10 days**
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  • **personalized WERKKARTE**
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designed for cyclists

* common wrenches * spoke spanner * screwdriver * little cutting hook * fix it on your bike * fix it on your belt * bit holder * comfort handle * bottle opener * etc.


designed for urban needs

* Mini-wallet * bottle opener * mobile stand * wrench * radiator key * shopping token * sort your headphones * bit holder * little cutting hook etc.


designed for outdoor needs

* can opener * bottle opener * little cutting hook * for the string of your tent * hold your toothbrush * hold your towel * measure one portion spaghetti* coat hook * shopping token * etc.


Where is the WERKKARTE produced?

The WERKKARTE is an austrian product we are very proud of. We are cooperating with small companies in the region upper austria and vienna.

Eaven though we got lots of very cheap production offers from foreign countries, we stick to our small companies in upper austria to be sure that our WERKKARTE stays a fair and conscientious high quality product.

How is the WERKKARTE produced?

We have a cooperation with a companie that is specializes on steal production. There we get our blanks that are hard and highly resistent. The blanks are processed, painted, controlled and packed by hand in Linz (Upper Austria).

Every single piece is going through lots of hands.

Which models are available?

There are three models: WERKKARTE_urban, WERKKARTE_bike and WERKKARTE_camping. We spent almost one year of time figuring out which functions are suitable for wich model. We tested every model for some months and are distributing them now since 2013 with a lot of positive comments the last few years.

Can i order a bigger amount of WERKKARTE when i have a company?

We have special prices for companies. Please contact us and we can talk about the possibilities of individualisation and prices.

How can i shop a WERKKARTE?

Go to “Shop” and send us a message with your order. Tell us which modell, how many pieces and the adress where we should send it to. We will respond to your mail as soon as possible. After confirming your order we will send you a small package with your WERKKARTE and a bill inside. After receiving the package transfere the money within two weeks to our account as described on the bill.

Is it possible to take the WERKKARTE into an airplane?


We tested it with our WERKKARTE_bike and WERKKARTE_urban and it worked out well very well over 20 times.

WERKKARTE_camping is special. Sometimes we were able to take it in the plane and somethimes we were not allowed. To be sure just put the WERKKARTE_camping in your normale luggage and not in the hand luggage.


What is happening with my data?

We use your data just to send you the confirmation email and to send you your package with the WERKKARTE inside. We are not interested in saving your data and using it to send advertisement. You will not get any SPAM mail oder letters.






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